At the Duck Pond

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At the Duck Pond

He had finished the Telegraph crossword, folded the paper and sat back, waiting for the train to bring him home.

Two more stations he thought as the train pulled to a standstill, then, he quickly looked at his watch, thought Why not and was out of his seat and on the platform just as the doors slid to. Following the crowd through the exit tunnel he said to himself "Thursday, she wont miss me". After riding the long escalator up and showing his pass at the barrier, he followed the crowd out of the station where the people dispersed in various directions. The sun was blinding after the gloom of the Underground. He made a right turn and then another quick turn right and he was in.
Gloom again. Eyes have to get accustomed. One, two men standing apart. Nothing there. Look around to the left. Yes, two men at it, the familiar behaviour. Further around. Yes! Another man, glanced up when I appeared.

He moved to the stall next but one. Unzipped and took it out. He pulled it a couple of times to get a bit hard and looked down at his neighbour. The well known movements, already stiff. He side stepped be next to him and they looked each other up and down.
Neat grey beard, well dressed. No, very well dressed.
He turned half sideways to show him and the other responded.
Dare I try. He reached out his hand towards him, but, instead of feeling the warm flesh he expected, his hand was held for a split second, and the other zipped up and left, but with a slight inclination and gesture of the head which clearly meant "See you outside".
He zipped himself up and followed, while trying not appear excited although, in fact, his heart was beating hard with anticipation.

Again, the blinding sun.
Where is he? I cant see him. With a feeling of intense disappointment, he joined the crowd waiting for the lights to signal that it was safe to cross the road. He could walk through the park and catch the /bus/">bus home.

"The duck pond" said a voice in his right ear.
He tried to look around to see him, but could not make him out in the crowd. Through the park gates along the main path towards the bandstand. Neat municipal flower beds set within closely mown grass all within an avenue of trees.
He turned left at the bandstand. On the right wass a large area of grass with a group of teenagers playing football and three pairs of lovers lying entwined in each others arms, plus the usual voyeur.
On the right, the duck pond. Two young mothers with toddlers were feeding the ducks which were making a great quacking noise and fighting over each morsel.
No sign of him he thought. And he watched two swans swimming with hardly any movement towads the ducks.

"Extra ordinary creatures arent they." A voice to his left.
Hes there! He stood about three yards to his left. They looked at one another and moved a little closer.
"That drake there, the one with the bright red head and black plumage, do you know, he has a penis that is longer than he is. A strange, thin, worm-like thing. Quite remarkable. Dontknow how he can do anything with it. I did like the look of yours though. Perhaps you will allow me an opportunity to know it better."

He had a soft, cultured voice that exactly matched his appearance.
"I have a place an easy five minutes walk from here. I would be happy to show it to you. Have you the time I mean? Perhaps a wife waiting for you to at home?"

"No, no. Its her bridge night tonight. If Im not not home before ten to six, I wont see her before she gets back after midnight."

"Marvellous! Shall we go."

Back towards the band stand, turn left towards the rear gates.
"I was so glad you joined me in there, you know. I have seen you a number of times both on the tubetrain and in there. I hoped we could find each other some how, its not easy."

They walked slowly together.

"The names Frederik, by the way. Yours?"

"Oh. Reg. My friends call me Reg. The wife makes it Reggie, but I dont realy like that."

"Reginald is it? A fine, resounding name. Such a shame to shorten it.
I shall call you Reginald."

They had passed a short terrace of Victorian houses and turned left down another street. Large houses which had seen better days. On the left, a small service lane and beyond, a terrace of four large houses which had had their front areas built over to form shops, probably in the nineteen-twenties. The shops were nolonger in retail use, the first two were used by a plumbers merchant and the show windows were boarded-up.

"Just down here. Were almost there."

They crossed over and stopped at what appeared to be a garage sectional door; the sort that slides around the corner in panels.
Frederik took out a key and opened the first panel which swung inwards to reveal a spotless garage with a large car, covered in a dust-sheet.

"Do come in. Ill just close the door and show you my little pied-de-terre."

He led them to another door on the left and opened it and they entered a hall with a finely carved mahogany staircase leading upwards. The whole impression was of Victorian luxury.

"Upstairs then."

They mounted the stairs and arrived at a spacious landing with various doors leading off.

"Do come into the sitting room, old boy, make yourself comfortable. What can i get you? For myself, I always like to make a pot of tea when I get in, but anything you prefer, I probably have it."

"Tea would be fine, thanks."

He disappears through a door into a kitchen and Reginand looks around. Above the firsplace hangs a large oil painting of a very beautiful nude woman reclinilg on a couch. Very erotic.

"You like it? Pamela, my wife. The pose of course is taken straight from Titians Venus of Urbino. Do you know, we had a print of that hanging in our school. I never knew why because she is obviously diddling herself with her fingers in her fanny!"

"You mean to say that you had your wife paintedin such a pose?"

"Not exactly. It was a bit of a /surprise/">surprise really. Peter (Peter Dubarry,the artist) and I have been close friends since public school. I knew that Peter and Pamela were up to something, but when he presented me with that as a wedding present I couldnt have been more delighted. They had been lovers, of course, for years before he introduced her to me. In fact, he is the father of her eldest /daughter/">daughter. He had already told me that we would be perfect for each other, and, of course, he was right. We love each other passionately even though she has a number of lovers and I have my men friends and /women/">women also naturally. Peter and she, so she told me, made love before every sitting for the painting; that is why she has such a wonderful glow about her.
"Now, after we have taken tea, I suggest that we take a shower together just to break the ice. It gives us a reason to shed our clothes which is always a difficult first step otherwise."

In the shower they made the first tentative steps at intimacy.
"Would I be right in thinking, Reginald, that you have not done this sort of thing before? No? I thought not. Just take it easy, dear fellow, relax and enjoy. After we have showered, I suggest that we go back into the sitting room and have a little bite to eat. Ill lend you a robe. We can then take it from there."

Back in the sitting room, Frederik produced a snack of caviar and foi stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv gras on thin toast and a bottle of champagne and they sat together on the sofa. Frederik lighly pulled Reginalds robe apart and put his head down and gently took his penis in his mouth. He worked his tonge around the head and pulled his foreskin foreward so that he could run his tonge around inside the foreskin.

Raising his head, he said "That was really nice, I do hope you enjoyed

"If youd done it much longer I would have come. I wouldnt want to come in your mouth."

"Why ever not! Thats wonderful! But we dont want to rush it. Can you do it to me? Maybe you are not used to it."

"No. Ive never done it but would like to try."

He tried to follow Frederiks example but gagged and nearly choked.
They both laughed and he tried again, this time was better.I think we should abandon these gowns and move into the bedroom and I will show introduce you to a few nice tricks.

"At school I had the reputation of being an exceptionally good bum-boy. Have you ever tried. I know it disgusts some people but I dont find it so, in fact for me it is one of the best pleasures I know. To have a /friend/good-friend/">good friend right inside me. Could you? Theres a dear fellow."

They tried but it didnt work.

"Never mind, maybe the next time. I do hope that there will be a next time."

Frederik showed Reginald some other white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie things and eventually he did come in his mouth. Frederik showed him his mouth full and then proceded to swish it around in his mouth, savouring it before slowly swallowing.

"Happy? he asked Frederik. Time to take a break I think."

They dressed again and went bak into the sitting room.

"Ill have to tell Pamela about you. Im sure she will want to meet you. But that can wait. I would dearly like to see you again as soon as I can. Unfortunately I have to fly out to the Gulf next week, but perhaps today in a fortnight. I suggest we meet at the duck pond at about five thirty. What do you think? I do believe that this could be the start of a beautiful friendship, Reginald."

He arrived home at ten-forty five and was already in bed when Beth got back.

"Ive had a grand evening playing bridge. Why dont you take up something instead of sitting around at home, Reggie?"

"Oh, dont worry about me dear, Im quite happy doing my own thing."

He was too.