No Right Choice

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No Right Choice


Obviously that was my name, and I hated it when someone called me. Looking up with a smirk, fake happy eyes, and a slight twitch in my eyebrow I watched the blonde bound towards me. Goddamn, I hated her for being so hot and cool. Short blonde hair was gelled so it was wavy and fell in some layers and bright blue eyes with odd gray specks flashed with a insane light. An "Oof." Came from my mouth, headphones slipped off blaring American Idiot, and I landed on my back with her straddling my legs. Sighing and shaking my head lightly I ignored the tingles shooting throughout my body. She was giggling insanely, her tight black shirt had ridden up, exposing her round, but not an ugly fat, stomach. The peach skin was enticing, but I've been through this to many times by all my other friends and have gotten used to seeing their skin and feeling them on me.

Laughing together I poked her stomach and requested she move. When she pouted and grumbled and only tugged my Neon Purple streaked hair, I sighed in fake annoyance. Grinning full out now, I reached up my hands and tickled her ruthlessly, her face contorted in both pain and laughter. Soon I was straddling her and she was under me. Laughing so hard my side hurt I turned and stood, reaching down a hand to help her up. Still giggling the two of us turned, I looked up, feeling eyes on me and smirked slightly at a group wwwxxx of guys. Realizing how we must have looked, /tickling/">tickling and straddling each other, I laughed loudly. Shaking my head and wiping away some humorous tears I grinned over at the blonde.

She was hilariously insane and had a dark look to her, no matter how un-dark she was. With a nice figure, nothing anyone would double take at, but nice none-the-less and bleached blonde (although she didn't bleach it) hair, and bright blue eyes, a lot of people wanted to get into her pants, and that included me. Lifting my own pale, black clothed arms above my head I yawned as my back cracked. All of the sudden I felt her leap on my back with another giggle, this girl was seriously touchy feely, almost to the point where I wanted to rape her! Holding her legs as they gripped my mid-section she giggled more.

Shaking my head at her insanity I giggled out, "Claire! I didn't know you wanted to jump Me!" I had a large and somewhat perverted grin spread across my lips. Claire shrieked in embarrassment, while I laughed giddily at her. I winked over at a group of guys, they were of all types. Giving her a piggy back ride around campus had drawn some eyes, well, not that many, seeing as we knew quite a few of these people. By the time I made it to the high school doors I was panting, her weight plus mine and walking, well, let's just say I'm not much for the heat or walking. Letting go of her legs she fell onto the ground, giggling lightly at her I turned and walked into the cool building.

Quickly I spun my locker combo while she walked past me with a pout and then a glare, laughing quietly to myself I pulled out my Algebra book and walked to the class. Almost late because I stopped to talk with Marik, Sara, Glenn, and Helen, my other friends. Marik was a big flirt, and when I say big, I mean big. He has a crush on Claire, dated Helen, and still flirts with all the girl's in High School. Helen and Claire are in my Algebra class, while the others' are in another class. Sighing I plopped down into my chair, dropping my head to the desk I snuggled further into a very old hoodie.

The black sleeves worn and turning gray while the hood was almost falling off from abuse, god, I loved the thing. Tucking a strand of long curly brown hair behind my ear I tugged out my book, some paper, and a pencil as the /teacher/">teacher walked in and Claire slipped inside un-noticed, well, except for me noticing. Looking up slightly I caught the eyes of a guy, he had very dark brown almost black hair, and deep blue eyes. He wasn't new, rather quiet, and reminded me so much of my angel. I've actually had thoughts of talking to him, and when he smiled, I decided I would. That smile was the same as my angel, you could call him my imaginary friend, he had black hair and blue eyes, and amazingly, that same exact smile. Giving a lame late smile I blushed and turned back to my work.

Class passed with little to no interruption, we went through a chapter and then did a quiz, along with writing down our homework. Quickly I packed up my things and left the classroom, giving Claire and Helen a short, "See you guys." As I trailed after blue-eyes. It was almost time for College, all of us being 18 or just turned 19, and as I slipped through the crowd I grabbed the guys arm, it wasn't very muscular, and he wasn't really my type. I usually went for broad backs and broad chests, don't ask me why. Catching my breath slightly I almost choked as he and I stared into one and others' eyes, his softened slightly and I knew that he was really my angel, was my angel real? He couldn't be. Wouldn't Nightmare, my blue-eyed angel, have said something to me? Held me? Why is he real now? Quickly I tugged him out of the crowd and into the Cafeteria, it was loud and I growled. Tugging again on his hand, I noticed how the pads were rough, and then something warm and gooey dribbled onto my own scarred hand.


My breath quickened as we passed my friend's, I caught Claire's intrigued blue eyes, and instantly, I noticed the difference between Nightmare's and hers'. His were dark as if impure while her's were light and pure, how odd. And I thought I saw a flicker of jealously across her features before she waved, and what seemed like a forced smile, before my little group of friend's disappeared into the cafeteria. I didn't notice when she turned and glanced a last time at us. I didn't notice her behind us a minute later. All I knew were my questions. We clamored up the bleachers, me and him, and then sat in the middle somewhere. The sun beat my back and heated it thanks to my black hoodie and the wwwxxx blue pants.

Cautiously I held his hand between mine, his much larger then my own and his was bleeding. Carefully I stared at him, a slow, deliberate word came from me, "Nightmare...?" He looked different, older, as if he had aged like myself. He'd grown taller, and a slight black goatee on his pale chin. He looked away and nodded. I blinked, Nightmare...was real? My Angel, My Nightmare, was Real! Surprised I noticed a salty smell and felt slight drops of water splash my hand, wiping at my eyes I felt tears. He looked as surprised as I, slowly I clung to him and cried. Cried for the /first-time/">first time in years. My arms quickly encircled his slender, almost feminine, waste, and my face buried into his side as I sobbed. I felt him hold me back and for the first time since he disappeared I felt. Safe.

I didn't know Claire had been watching the whole thing, nor did I know she had felt a pain of jealousy. I didn't know her ice blue eyes shone with sorrow, nor did I see the jealousy. I was to busy crying and I would have cried even harder if I knew what was about to come.

Wiping my brown eyes I heard him whisper, "I'm sorry..." It was so deep, so dark. Surprised at his un-expected apology I responded, "Why?"

"Because I was never able to confront you and hold you..." I sighed and snuggled deeper into his form, Nightmare shuffled slightly and I spoke in a muffled voice, "Don't be sorry, You kept me alive during all those hard years. What were you? A stalker angel?" He smiled and spoke in a soft voice, "I was a broken love struck boy, afraid of rejection. I guess a stalker in a sense." My eyes widened, "Love?" He nodded and looked away, I looked in his direction and saw a curvy form disappearing, almost Immediately I recognized those pants, Claire, Why did she follow me and him? Why?

"Yeah, I guess." I made no more comments on this love, instead I decided to ask a question I had wondered all my life, "What's your real name, Nightmare?" I felt him shudder at the nickname, I saw his oh-so-familiar broken smile come upon his face as he muttered, "Cody..." I smiled and hugged him closer, "And why did you change your name, Erica?" I blinked, he remembered my real name, no one called me 'Erica' anymore, I always said 'Rikki' as an introduction. I sighed and just held him closer, "Just wanted a change..." It was a lie, but he didn't need to know anymore. He just nodded and we held hands, hugging. I wasn't sure of my feelings for him, but I knew I'd die without him.