The Main Street SM Club

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The Main Street SM Club

"The slut needs to be punished" cried out Ronnie, "she has failed to perform as ordered." "I agree" said Steve and Larry in unison.

A meeting was then held by The Main Street S&M Club to determine what punishment was in order for poor Slave Sally. Public humiliation at next weeks meeting was the result.

The Results
The stage was set. Jane had taken care all day to have everything just right. She had checked all of the "equipment", lighting and had brought in extra seating as tonight's meeting was going to be well attended. The Slave was to be punished for her disobedience. As the club room filled all was ready behind the curtains on the stage. Mistress Jane was ready.

The lights in the room dimmed and the stage curtains opened with the spot light thrown on Mistress. She was magnificently outfitted. A black leather bra, just big enough to cup her , leather that did little to hide her vagina and ass, shinny leather boots that came up half way up the thighs, neck and arm leathers, black leather gloves, mask and of course her famous leather whip was in hand. "As you know the purpose of this meeting tonight is to punish one of our slaves, so we shall begin" The spotlights panned over the stage. In the center, suspension restraints were all set up but empty. Four male members of the club stood to one side, clad only in leather helmets and leather straps to support their . "Bring in the slave" Salve Sally was unceremoniously usher in and dumped in front of Mistress. See was clad in only a leather halter top and thong. "Salve, you know that tonight is your night of punishment, you will do as ordered and not speak unless asked to by me. Now stand up and remove your clothing and get naked for the audience."

How Salve Sally was xnxxv sunny leone video abused for the clubs pleasure. Mistress ordered her to begin on the first of the four men that were there for Mistress's playing pleasure. "On your knees, pull down this salves thong, and suck his " Sally did as ordered and Mistress had her service all four penis's until they were fully erect. And what massive, fine organs they were. Salve Sally's mouth was strained to the bursting point real forced anal against her will as she sucked each of them hard. Pre-cum and spittle glisten on their organs in the bright lights.

A gag restraint was the placed in Salve Sally's mouth. She was then hoisted into the sling restrains. Bound by hands and , support band under her ass checks and clad only in her gag, she was a fine sight. Mistress, ordered the male slaves, now clad in only their leather hoods and supporting raging hard-ons, to assist. The Salve was spread eagled, legs opened almost to the breaking point, cunt and fully displayed to the cheering audience. "Lick her ass hole"wetten' her for the butt plug." Mistress ordered. She jammed the plug home. Mistress then ordered that the male salves position their self's around the salve and masturbate their cocks, being careful not to ejaculate.

Mistress then readied her whip and began to give Salve Sally the pussy whipping of her life. Her cunt was glistening and dripping cum juices, much to the cheers of the audience. "Get the paddle to her ass" the audience cried. Mistress obliged them. The Salves ass and cunt mound was red, she was being properly abused.

"Remove her gag and feed her penis" Mistress ordered the male slaves. "Suck each cock until they cum and do not lose a drop of the precious fluid." Slave Sally was soon gagging on cock squirt. When some cock fluid ran down her cheeks, it only intensified her spanking as Mistress punished her for her transgressions. The spotlight shined on the Slaves reddened ass and cunt mound.

"Now I want all male members to expose their cocks, stroke yourself hard and get in line to service this slave. You may use any hole you desire." Mistress said as she removed Salve Sally's butt plug. The male members happily obliged. The Salve's holes were repeatedly plugged with penis.

"I do not want any spunk shot inside this slave. When you are ready to cum, pump your squirt all over her." Mistress ordered. "Let this be a lesson to any misbehaving slave"

And the lights glisten off Slave Sally's sperm covered body as she lay suspended and spread eagled on the stage.