My Maid 3

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My Maid 3

We looked into each others' eyes with just our towels and robe on. I can see that Nikki was tired from the exercise in the morning, but her posture was telling me she wanted more. So I invited her for a bath

"Hey, baby, want a bath?"

"Sure, darling, I was carving for a bath with you for a loong time now..." Nikki replied sheepishly.

We walked side by side, with our arms around each others' waist. Once we got into the bathroom, we threw our towels and robe out of the bathroom, onto the sink outside of it.

I climbed right it and rest myself comfortably. Nikki followed right after she got the water running. It was then I realize our bathtub was wide, the two of us lay comfortably opposite each other.

Nikki placed her left foot in between my legs, close to my dick. I followed her and placed my right leg right in front of her pussy, touching those sensitive lips.

"Hey, baby, when did you start to fantasize about me?" I asked.

Nikki answered and I asked another, it was like an interrogation. Until...

"Then, Darling... Did you ever thought about your lovely Nikki darling???" She asked in a /cute/">cute and desperate tone.

I was stunned, but I answered

"Yeah, of course, I thought about you when I was masterbating..."

"Really!!! Then we can continue this lovely relationship without problems!!!"

She was right, and I didn't want to stop. Who would? It's so hot having my maid as my 'wife' and sex partner. Having sexual relationship with her and having sex daily is just too tempting.

Then, I pushed my right leg further and pressed against her pussy. Nikki shrieked and screamed that it hurts, her pussy still need to adapt.

I obeyed and moved around, until we were lying side by side. I grabbed her hand and placed it around my semi-/hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. It sprank into life immediately.

I bent over and began feasting on her half-submerged nipples. I did not want my hands to be idle, so I decided to let my hands play with her lovely petite tits. I went to kiss her, our tongues entangle in mid air. the cool water was beginning to turn warm from all this action.

"Ah... Ah... Darling... My p-pussy... It's begging for you... Ahh... Uhh..."

I got that message and pulled free porn movies download her out of the tub, onto the floor. She lay there, in a full hd xvideo download cute position. I turned on the shower head and sat beside her.

The bathroom was overflowing form the water flowing out of the tub and the shower head.

I kissed Nikki and slowly move to her neck. Then her tits, which I stayed for some time before moving to her belly. It was firm and slim, a curve most maid wouldn't have, except for my darling.

I skipped her pussy, to her inner thigh and sucked on it.

"Uh... Darling... My pussy wants it. NOW!"

I sat up and position my dick. Nikki spread her legs out and I slammed it in.

"AH!!! UH!!! AH!!! AH!!! UH!!!!" Nikki screamed.

"uh... hmmm..." I moaned, the water form the shower head hitting my back.

I continued pumping her, with her screaming while playing with her tits. I wanted more and she too. So I got a finger to her /asshole/">asshole and rubbed it.

"I let it get wider a bit before I pushed the finger in, deep.

"AH!!! AHH!!!! UHHH!!! I-i-it's... It's... It'ss so good!!! Uh!!! My pussy!! My ass!!! Your dick and finger!!! Oh!!! GOD!!! Oh, God!!! Uh!!!"

Hearing her scream made me even hornier. I came a huge load before letting my dick out. I didn't want to stop, neither did Nikki. She was screaming and moaning...

I decided to slam her in her ass....